What Can Color Do For You?

What Can Color Do For You?

A recent blog post from Marketo gave a great overview of what your brand color says about your business. An infographic highlights each color and describes how your brand’s color affects various aspects such as buying decisions and company recognition, while explaining the appropriate industry and “warmth” factor a color gives off for a brand.

We took a look at the infographic and analyzed the IDeas BIG brand color, orange. Using orange as a brand color makes your company appear fun, exciting and playful. Seeing as we love to talk about branding (or as we call it, the ‘fun part of marketing’), we felt these were excellent adjectives to describe the IDeas BIG brand image.

Interesting takeaways from the inforgraphic that we came across, include the following:

  • Most companies will not use more than two colors for their brand
  • Almost half of companies have text-only logos
  • Blue and red are the most popular colors used by brands
We also noticed that almost 10% of companies do not use text at all in their brand – just color. We attributed this to the fact that it could be a very well known brand that is easily recognizable by others just off of the company’s color and image. What do you think?

Take a look at the complete infographic below. What colors does your company use in its brand? Do you agree with all of the information provided in this infographic? If you could change our company’s brand color, what would it be? Do you think that your current color works with your brand? Be sure to comment in the box below the infographic!

True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business by Marketo

(Image Credit: Marketo “True Colors: What Your Brand Color Says about Your Business“)

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