How Color Impacts Logos and Branding

How Color Impacts Logos and Branding

A logo is a logo, right? No, a logo for a company is much more than a logo. It is what represents a company, and it is what customers/clients remember when they think of a company. When it comes to designing a logo, color is very important. Certain colors offer certain feelings.


Red is a color that a company should be careful with. Red can mean love, passion, sportiness, aggression, but it can also mean blood, danger, or means stop.


Orange can bring the same feeling as red or yellow. Orange can mean fun, youthfulness, fire, sun, or warmth.


Yellow is a fun, happy color. It should not be used on a white background, and the shades of yellow can have different meanings as well. When designing a logo with yellow, think of McDonalds.


Green represents Earth, nature, growth, or money. Banks and military use a darker shade of green for logos, as recycle logo and Sprite use a lighter shade of green.


This is the most popular color in logos and business offices. Blue is a very calming color, but also brings loyalty, strength, stability, wisdom and trust.


Black is a serious color. This color means mystery, formality, and boldness. Luxury brands usually use black in their logos.

When starting a company, it can be a stressful time, but one thing to always remember is that color is very important. Color can turn a new customer away, or it can build life-long customers.

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