Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design

From the aesthetics and protection, to material costs and legal statements, we know packaging design. We translate identities into recognizable and memorable packaging that connects with customers.

Packaging Design Examples

Salsa Packaging Design

We created this labeling and package design for a new line of salsa. Beyond the packaging design, we also created the Gringo Joe’s Salsa name, logo, and graphic identity. Flavors: Mighty hot, verde green, and smokey chipotle.

Energy Drink Packaging Design

We created a full-sleeve package design for this energy drink, Pronto. Also included in the marketing program for this client was brand naming and identity development.

Car Wash Product Packaging Design

We designed the packaging for this CD-2 additive promotion, targeted to the Hispanic market with Hola Mexico calling card promo, radio advertising and remotes, and in-store displays.

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