Brand Naming

Brand Naming Services

We create compelling names for global corporations, entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as product and service brands. Deploying our proprietary name development process, every project starts with category insights and competitive benchmarking. Name candidates are generated based on alternative positioning platforms, and vetted using an objective ranking and scoring tool. Domain search and registration, along with Trademark legal review and registration services are available. Taglines are a corresponding brand initiative that can leverage brand strengths, and build awareness.

Want to learn more about naming? We recently published a book, Breakthrough Branding, that will give you an understanding and appreciation for the art and science of naming.

Want to see some names and taglines we’ve created? View our naming portfolio.

Corporate Naming

What’s in a name? Everything. And yet, too often, disciplined processes or professional naming advice is neglected. Our naming experts will enable you to make a great impression (the first time). Make your name count.

Product Naming

A name can make or break your product or service. And a great product name does more than just describe your product or service.


Developing effective taglines is a disciplined process that melds insight with positioning strategy and creativity.  We create taglines that are flexible, persuasive, differentiating, extendable and very often, more memorable than the corporate and brand names they modify.


Impactful and consistent messaging is key to reaching and connecting with customers. We create the language that embodies your brand and present it consistently through all communications.

Brand and Product Naming Case Studies

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