Logo Design Inspiration for 2018

Logo Design Inspiration for 2018

Logo Creative recently released a book of logo design inspiration. If you want to go through an information form, download, and then look through 70 pages, visit here. Or you can check out some of the highlights we found from the eBook below.

Transparent Overlays

Transparent overlays symbolize transparency and trustworthiness. Want to replicate this? Check out these designs.

Logo transparnet overlap


transparent overlap logo

transparent overlays design



Fades represent a transition – making something come out of nothing.

fades logo

fades design


Similar to fades, but a little different, are text slices.

Slice design

slice logo

Color Split

There’s not much to do with a line, adding various colors to it imply greater depth – there’s a story and meaning behind the lines and the colors used.

color split logo

color split design

Text Boxes

Make your brand the center of attention with text boxes. You can use different shapes and colors, but ultimately, with the text in the middle, the brand name itself is the most important part.

text boxes logo

text boxes design

logo text boxes

Shadow Breaks

Shadow breaks create 3D effect, bringing the design to life. They also imply the intermingling of layers.

shadow breaks logo

shadow breaks design

Rising Color

Rising color add some realism to the design. As objects in real life are generally not viewed in the same light in real life, creating shadows and brightness in the color, this design trend replicates the same.

rising color logo

rising color design


Here are some other logos that caught our interest. This includes a brewery with a creative and literal design similar to its brand name, a burger restaurant with a text logo resembling a burger, presumably death by cupcakes, and a London double decker bus.

logo design

logo option

design of logo

creative logo

logo creation

design creation logo

creative design logo

logo creative design

What Will Your Logo Look Like?

Did you get any ideas from these other logos? Are you redesigning yours? Let us know in the comments below.


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