10 Logo Trends for 2020

10 Logo Trends for 2020

A logo should communicate to the consumer. It should represent the brand in a positive way. It should have a meaning to the company. Designing the right logo for a company is an essential.

Here are 10 logo trends for 2020 to get your thoughts moving.


Minimalism is back. This means that logos should be simple and clear, but also minimalist designs can be more fun. Minimalism is a more fun trend, therefore, if your brand is not playful, creative, or warm, then this is not the right design for you.  

Unusual Fonts

Font choices are important. Some logos are just letters, but designers have been trying new fonts. This trend is flexible because there are so many fonts to choose from.

Gradients and Neon Shades

Gradients and neon shades are becoming a way to add character to logos.

Motion Graphic

Motion logos can be used to make logos more engaging on any social media platform, or even your website.

Double Initial

This trend has been around for so long, but this year, this trend continues. It is a different way to symbolize the brand because there are many ways to design this logo.

Multi-Layered Design

A multi-layered logo is becoming more popular. This trend is a simple way to make a flat image, not look flat.

Negative Space

A logo has to show as much meaning as it can into a small area. Negative space designs can be adaptable, but it can also make quite an impact on the consumer.

Straight Line Elements

Straight lines show a timeless form. This trend is refreshing and flexible.


More and more designers are using this logo trend. The trend helps customers remember the brand a little easier. It builds a sense of unity.

Symbolic Shapes

This is not a new trend, but this year, we will most likely see them more effortlessly blended into the brand.

Designing a new logo can be complicated. You have to think how this logo will attract consumers, how it will be remembered, and if it fits your company’s mission and values.

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