Top 15 Logo Trends of 2013: Part 2

Top 15 Logo Trends of 2013: Part 2

Part 2 of our Top Logo Design Trends of 2013, we bring you the next 7 stylistic trends that are driving designers this year.  To recap, check out Part 1 of Top 15 Logo Design Trends of 2013 to see descriptions of the following: Here, Crossed, Wave, Molecules, Nature Marks, Membrane, Formula, and Bracketing in Logos

A recent Trend Report from LogoLounge analyzed 20,000 of the 204,000 logos currently submitted to their site into 15 top logo tends. Logos were submitted from over 100 countries worldwide and demonstrate not only the current trends but also the evolution of the logo design and branding industry.

Eyelet/Continuous Motion Logos

Using continuous motion, this logotype avoids hard right angles and conveys a sense of journey.

Logo type-eyelet


A symbol representing “or” between options, the slash allows a clean, visual separation of two entities.

Logo type-slash

Written Logos

With an attention to detail, these logos look handmade and share an engaging story.

Logo type-written

Line Crafted Logos

Often done in black and white, these logos use a single weight stroke to define shapes.

Logo type-line-craft


Although diverse and light hearted, these logos commonly include the crimped edges and are reminiscent of an official stamp of approval.

Logo type-badges


A popular design to showcase text, banners can stand alone but are often incorporated with a graphic element.

Logo type-banners

Monogram Logos

Ranging from ornate to stark, monograms are common in the fashion industry and are a great choice for brands related to an individual.

Logo type-monograms


You can read the full article from LogoLounge here.

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