Top 15 Logo Trends of 2013: Part 1

Top 15 Logo Trends of 2013: Part 1

When it comes to branding, there are a series of elements that are crucial to your brand’s survival. Once you name your brand (see 10 Steps to Effective Business or Product Naming) the next thing to tackle will be your logo. This is the visual representation of your brand and the elements you choose- color, shape, wording- will make all the difference in telling your story.

A recent Trend Report from LogoLounge analyzed 20,000 of the 204,000 logos currently submitted to their site into 15 leading logo trends. Logos are submitted by designers from over 100 countries worldwide and demonstrate not only the current trends but also the evolution of the industry. This report is not intending to tell designers what they should do with their logos but simply analyzing this year’s top trends.

We’ve included examples and summaries for each of the 15 leading logo trends below.


Place plays a large part in your brand’s story and therefore holds influence in the logo. The drop pin has become a visual way to communicate “I’m here, come meet me.”

Logo type-here


Signifies a regal quality that originated from the cross being formed by two swords on a cote of arms. The cross can be created using components ranging from utensils to sporting equipment while still signifying a brand with heritage and sophistication.

Logo type -crossed


Simple, subtle, and smooth, the wave creates volume and a sense of calm movement. This style of logo is often used to demonstrate control.

Logo type-wave


Each component of this logotype is meaningful, both precise and calculated. Commonly used in the science field for clients who are very results-oriented.

Logo type-molecules

Nature Marks

Like thumbprints, these logos represent individuality. Although familiar, they include the same components but combine such that the originality is still preserved.

Logo type-nature-marks


A reference to the microscopic appearance of a cellular membranes, the components are similar yet irregularly sequenced to form a cohesive pattern.

Logo type-membrane


Unlike the other categories, this group of logos showcases the equation of components rather than the final product.  Demonstrating transparency, it’s a good way to engage the consumer.

Logo type-formula

Bracketing Logos

These are created using two elements to draw attention to the negative space between them.

Logo type-bracketing

You can read the full article from LogoLounge here.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Top 15 Logo Design Trends of 2013

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