The Power of Color in Branding

The Power of Color in Branding

Branding influences each and every one of our lives on a daily basis, whether we like it or not.

We see brands everywhere we go. In fact, certain brands have become so strong that they have become common terminology in their respected categories. Take Hoover and Viagra as prime examples- the majority of consumers use the word Hoover when speaking about a vacuum cleaner, and Viagra when speaking about erectile dysfunction pills.

While brands must first create a mood and image that resonates with its target market, the use of color plays a vital role in conveying the message-sometimes without using any words at all.

Brands have been employing color in for hundreds of years. There are some that use it to differentiate from other brands, while some brands have taken measures to patent particular shades. With studies indicating that brand recognition increases by 80% with color, and up to 90% of judgements can be made on color alone, it is vital that the correct research is undertaken to make the correct choice for your brand’s personality.

Color psychology can impact decision making, and we feel that understanding some of the reasoning behind particular color choices can enable businesses to make better informed decisions.

The infographic below by Brushstrokes is aimed at increasing awareness on the importance and power of color in branding.


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