Pantone Color of the Year for 2014

Pantone Color of the Year for 2014

Say goodbye to the verdant fields of emerald defining the spectrum of yearly design.  In a recent press release, the color authorities at Pantone have announced that 2014 will be the year of Radiant Orchid, 18-3224 on the Pantone scale.

Spark Your Imagination

Pantone decided to cross the color wheel from the bold choice of Emerald in 2013; choosing the more subdued Radiant Orchid due to its role in the increase of innovation, creativity, and originality.  Blending perfectly the colors of fuchsia, pink, and purple; radiant orchid brings confidence to the viewer, instilling joy with its ‘beguiling charm.’

Where To Find Radiant Orchid in 2014?

As the color of the year, Radiant Orchid will make its way across many different venues over the course of 2014.  From Fashion to home design, this color will receive increasing attention in the minds of designers and marketers alike.

Radiant Orchid in Interior Design

An increasingly versatile color, Radiant Orchid will benefit rooms in the form of paint and accent pieces.  Complementing olive and deeper shades of hunter green, this color will breathe life into a room and inspire creativity to anyone in the room.  Furthermore, this color can pair well with turquoise, light yellow, and teal shades.  Breathing life into neutral tones without overpowering the room; radiant orchid will reenergize as a perfect color for accent pieces.

Radiant Orchid in Beauty and Fashion

A perfect tone that can bring energy to skin tone, Radiant Orchid brings attention to anyone incorporating it into their wardrobe without overpowering a room.  As the color blends both cool and warm undertones, it will find its way into spring fashion for both men and women.  Already growing in popularity; Radiant Orchid pairs well with many hair, eye, and skin tones.

Is Radiant Orchid the New Mauve?

Some designers have already raised concerns with the 2014 color of the year, comparing it to the now-cliché color of the 1980’s: Mauve.  Similar in color to that of radiant orchid, mauve experienced huge usage in the 80’s before becoming one of the biggest regrets in design.

Looking for Other Options? See Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore

Albeit not as definitive as the Pantone color experts, paint companies Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have also offered their 2014 Color of the Year options.

A much darker and cooler purple; Sherwin-Williams has named SW 6263, Exclusive Plum, as its 2014 color of the year. This color is a blend of cool blue with feisty red, tied together with a splash of grey.  This color makes for a subtle addition to any room, paired well with copper, gold, white, and chrome fixtures.

Legitimately titled “A Breath of Fresh Air,” Benjamin Moore goes against the grain by choosing a hint of blue over that of the purple fixation chosen by Pantone and Sherwin-Williams.  Defined as a new variation on neutral tones, A Breath of Fresh Air” was released as a livable and functional option within the 2014 Color Trends palate.

Should Pantone Radiant Orchid be Part of your Marketing Campaign?

As an increasingly important factor in design; Pantone’s Color of the Year, at one point only recognized by designers and fashion consultants, has become an important factor to many more people.  However, before dousing your brand in this purple hue to define yourself as a group of creative innovators, you need the advice of a team of brand experts.

The brand developers at IDeas BIG (brand identity group) offer a complimentary BRAND AUDIT. Contact Chief Branding Officer Neil Brown for details.

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