When Should A Company Rebrand?

When Should A Company Rebrand?

Many business owners believe that a company’s branding is just a company’s name and logo, but there is more to it. Brands change over time, therefore, many companies take the time to rebrand. Entrepreneur states that on average brands and organizations change their corporate identities once every 7 to 10 years. So, when should a company consider rebranding?

Here are a few ways you can tell it is time to rebrand

To better differentiate from the competitors

A generic logo and name can hurt your company. Stock art could hurt your company. If a company rebrands, it can help your business stand out by changing the name or logo. Some of the most successful companies change their brand identity.

Branding no Longer Reflects Your Business

Over time, businesses change. The original products, services and customer targets may change and render original branding obsolete, ineffective, or off-strategy requiring new brand strategy and tactics—rebranding. Effective rebranding communicates to your audience, “where the business is heading and what new products or services you are offering.”

The company mission has changed

If your company’s mission made a shift, then your company needs to move in a new direction of branding. Today, cause marketing often is part of the mission. The company’s branding should align with the mission.

Going after a new audience

If the company is looking to attract a new buyer personas, rebranding may help you connect with them. The brand should always speak to your target audience(s) and their unique needs and interests.

Case Study: dcVAST Rebrands to VAST

Challenge: Founded in 1989 as dcVAST with a history of success in client/server and on-premise software and IT infrastructure services, the firm sought to embrace new cloud technologies to achieve rapid growth.

Solution: IDeas BIG rebranded dcVAST as VAST IT Services with a stronger brand name and logo, new tagline (IT without Limits), modern graphic theme, and a stunning website to support cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. A complete content marketing initiative was implemented including blogging, whitepapers, case studies and collateral.

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Results: Existing customers embraced the new and improved VAST IT Services, becoming early adopters of new cloud technologies. Concerted and ongoing marketing campaigns achieved sales lead generation and new customer acquisition. Monthly reporting identifies growth metrics and sales results. VAST is truly without Limits.

Examples of Brands who have Recently Rebranded

Dunkin’ Donuts to Dunkin’

Slack – This company recently released a new logo

Mailchimp – This company did a whole new rebranding with new illustrations and typography

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