Color as the Brand: How Do You Protect it?

Color as the Brand: How Do You Protect it?

A recent blog article in AdvertisingAge points out the significance of color in branding throughout the years; more specifically, using color as the brand.

In the past, we have seen various companies succeed in claiming a color as their own. Robert Zeinick, partner at McDermott Will & Emery explains, “Until the 1980s, U.S. law refused to recognize a single color as a brand.” Now, we know many successful companies who have achieved using a color as the brand of their organization.

Perhaps you are looking to go the same route that UPS, Tiffany & Co., 3M and Owens-Corning have and are looking to choose a color that represents your entire company.

In the article, Zeinick gives tips on advertisers who are looking to promote a single-color brand and what steps to take to get there.

Read the Rules for Protecting Your Brand’s Color, in Black and White by Robert Zeinick, a partner in the Washington office of McDermott Will & Emery, a global law firm.

Let us know if your company has experience in using color as a brand. What examples of companies who have used this effectively do you know of? If you were to pick a color to signify your brand, what would it be? Be sure to share, retweet and like this post with others interested in branding.

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