Brand Perception: Who Was the Best of 2013?

Brand Perception: Who Was the Best of 2013?

In a recent Infographic by Adweek, author Lucia Moses provided insight and organization to the US Top Buzz Rankings of 2013 provided by the YouGov BrandIndex.  This study focuses on user perception of the brands based on factors by asking if consumers have heard positive or negative news about the brands, assigning a -100 to 100 score by subtracting negative from positive feedback. Additional information about the study can be found at the Official Brand Perception Survey on YouGov.  In addition to the study, YouGov also offers a study on the Most Improved Brand Perceptions of 2013 including American Airlines, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America.

2013 Best Perceived Best Brands

Infographic Credit: (Adweek)

How Did These Brands Achieve Positive Perception?

Through proper marketing, public relations, and brand strategy; these brands have built value and developed committed followers.  Part of this proper branding strategy includes knowing your consumers and how to best relate to them.  Brands like Amazon rarely have negative news stories, and ford has made nothing but improvements through its entire company structure over the course of the past 5 years.

How Can Your Brand Follow in the Likes of These Strong Brands?

With proper coaching, planning, input, and knowledge, you can grow your brand and improve the perception of it.  IDeas BIG Brand Identity Group, a Naperville Brand Marketing Agency, knows how to create brand value and build relationships in the Business-To-Business and Business-To-Consumer arenas.  Contact us for a free branding consultation to find out how you can plan your brand strategy for the future.

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Are you more interested in the brand value than the brand perception?  We offer the only Unbiased Global Brand Index for 2013 that takes insight from the largest and most influential brand rankings (Forbes, Interbrand, Brandirectory, and Millward Brown), organizing it into an unbiased index.

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