Top 10 Global Brands of 2013

Top 10 Global Brands of 2013

With so many global brand rankings and lists published annually, which is the most accurate? Surely, the most popular or prestigious brand rankings include Forbes, Interbrand, Millward Brown BrandZ, and the Brandirectory. However, when comparing, each ranking had strikingly different results.

This observation led to the idea for our 2013 Definitive Global Brand Ranking Report, which simply uses a composite or index of all four of these brand rankings.


So how did we do it? No doubt, these top brand rankings were put together by teams of individuals, exerting hundreds of thousands of hours in research. We simply converted each of the rankings to an index of 100, and averaged the index “scores” to create a composite or average. This process eliminated the vast differences between the 4 reports and, we believe, eliminated potential biases of the respective reports. As some brands appeared on some reports but not others, we compiled a list of over 200 brands. This larger list allowed us to remove outliers that had only appeared on a single list, or brands that failed to affect a global spectrum.

A portion of the results – the top 10 global brands of 2013 – are presented below.

Top Global Brands of 2013

For an in-depth look into these top 10 brands, a full listing of the top 100 brands of 2013, and the top 10 B2B brands, please access the report here.

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