Top Retail Brands: Trends and Key Findings

Top Retail Brands: Trends and Key Findings

Who were the top retail brands in 2014?  IDeas BIG looks to clarify and share knowledge of what it takes to be a successful retail brand and would also like to share the top retail brands of 2013/2014.

Interbrand releases 4th annual Best Retail Brands report.  The global Best Retail Brands report ranks the top 50 North American retail brands, the top 50 European retail brands, the top 30 Asia-Pacific retail brands and the top 20 Latin American retail brands-all by brand value. The report is produced in collaboration with Interbrand Design Forum, the retail experience group within Interbrand.

Wal-mart is the most valuable retail brand in North America and across all four regions, with a brand value of USD $131,877 billion. From mobile shopping to virtual fitting rooms, the world’s most valuable retail brands are re-imaging the customer journey through a digital lens. The report also suggests that major retailers are looking beyond their core business models to gain competitive advantage. They are doing this by using online innovation to bridge the divide between in-store and online shopping and by developing a strategic understanding of sales data so that they can meet customer needs and desires better and faster than ever before.

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Key Findings from Best Retail Brands Study

Through each of the seven categories, certain trends persisted that led to a belief in smaller and more mobile retailers bringing success and value.

Apparel: Traditional Stores Expand, E-Commerce Innovates

Consumer Electronics: The Battle for Market Share Moves to E-Commerce

Department Store: Weak in Mature Markets, Strong in Developing Economies

Drug Store: Adapting to Aging Populations and the Growing Demand for Health Service

Grocery: Fierce Competition, Fragmentation, and Format Challenges

Home improvement: Moderate Growth, Immense Potential

Mass Merchandise: Taking the Store Online and Into Smaller Boxes

Summary of the North American Best Retail Brands

Following is the list of key trends in North American Retail Brands.

  • Online retail is rapidly taking share in many retail categories, led by Amazon
  • A mobile presence is a must; the new omnichannel reality has given way to “connected stores for connected customers
  • Health clinics inside retail chain stores have doubled over the last six years, with CVS—which, notably, will drop tobacco from its stores—leading the trend
  • Electronics retailers are facing increased pressure due to showrooming; department stores are facing challenges—but increased cross-border activity may lead to gains for brands like Target

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Top 50 North American Retail Brands

Best Retail Brands in North America

(Courtesy of Interbrand Study)

Interbrand went on to provide additional resources for global retail brands, sector overviews, and more; all able to be found at the Interbrand Best Retail Brands website.

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