5 Branding Lessons from Red Bull

5 Branding Lessons from Red Bull

If you have heard of Red Bull, you have probably know this company as an energy drink brand. But there is so much more to Red Bull than energy drinks.


Red Bull was founded in Chakkapong, Thailand in 1987 by Dietrich Maeschitz. It started as a Tai drink called Krating Daeng, and it was geared towards truckers who needed something to get them through their long shift.

5 Lessons Red Bull Can Teach You About Branding

Brand Identity

“Red Bull gives you wings,” is their core message, and Red Bull builds their brand around this message. We all need inspiration to fulfill our dreams. This is what Red Bull is hoping that happens. Having a core message allows brands to stay consistent with their branding.

Social Media

The strategy is to create brand recognition through logo and events by adding inspirational videos and images.  Red Bull built their social media to be a community, not a sales spot.


Print Media

A lot of people don’t read newspaper or magazines anymore, but print is still an important medium to some people. Red Bull started The Red Bulletin in 2017 to share events and stories. Customers can get this magazine as a printed version or online.

Create Freedom

Red Bull creates activities and events that allow people to feel free. Some examples are dancing events, racing events, Wings for Life, and many more. Wings for Life is a race where after 30 minutes of running, a Catcher Car comes and picks you up. 100% of entry fees goes to spinal cord research. 


Build Dreams

Red Bull sponsors many athletes in the BMX, Esports, surfing, wakeboarding, baseball, skiing, skydiving, snowboarding, motocross, golf, football, and other sports. Red Bull even has a record label, where they sign artists. If you are looking for a career, but do not know your strengths, Red Bull offers a Wingfinder:  a free, 30-minute assessment to figure out your strengths.

Red Bull is a unique company, where from the start, they built the Red Bull brand around experiences. Red Bull believes that the brand should build a community with their customers. 

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