Using Naming Contests To Boost Brand Perception and Awareness

Using Naming Contests To Boost Brand Perception and Awareness

The Shedd Aquarium has started a naming contest to name a recently rescued orphaned sea otter. Since the pup’s introduction to the world last month, the pup has been known as Pup 681.

Shedd Aquarium Naming Contest

The Shedd Aquarium staff launched a national naming contest on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to name Pup 681. The pup was discovered on September 30th on Coastways Beach in California. A jogger heard the pup crying and the jogger notified the Marine Mammal Center. The pup was taken in for care shortly after. Authorities have determined that Pup 681 is un-releasable and would not be able to care for itself in the wild.

Pup 681

(Picture Via Chicago Tribune)

Voters can vote on five different names and can vote as many times as they want to according to a Shedd spokesperson. Voters can cast votes on Good Morning America’s or Shedd’s websites. Voting will end on December 11th.

The names that they can pick from reflect the area where Pup 681 was rescued in California. The name choices include:

  • Cali: To honor the pup’s California roots.
  • Ellie: To honor the elephant seals in Ano Nuevo State Park as well as Elkhorn Slough, which is an area that is home to many sea otters.
  • Luna: Derived from Half Moon Bay which is close to where Pup 681 was found.
  • Poppy: To honor the California State Flower.
  • Ana or Anya: Derived from Ano Nuevo State Park.

Impact of the Naming Contest

The 9-week old sea otter has become an Internet sensation. The otter has drawn in over 3.2 million views on Shedd Aquarium’s YouTube channel. The Pup has become an ambassador for her species; her species is threatened and needs help, otherwise they could become endangered. The naming contest has been great for not only the Shedd Aquarium but her species as well. The contest has drawn attention to the Shedd brand and has increased their brand perception in many ways.

Branding Implications

This is just one example of how a contest can not only boost a brand’s awareness, but also their brand perception. Pup 681 has been a great ambassador for Shedd’s brand. The pup’s story and the contest has boosted Shedd’s goodwill with the public and will greatly help them in many future efforts.

Contests can be used to boost just about any brand. For example a brand can hold a naming contest to name a new product or service. As a marketer, these contests can be an effective tool to gain attention and boost perception. Can you think of a contest that can be used to boost your brand?

We would like to thank the Chicago Tribune for their informative article about Naming Contests.

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