Rebranding News: Mack Trucks New Logo, New Brand Image

Rebranding News: Mack Trucks New Logo, New Brand Image
Mack Trucks has a New Logo and Tagline.

In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to research and development alongside desire to expand, Mack Trucks has released a new logo just in time for the ConExpo-Con/Agg.  Important in its vision to increase market share and over-the-road supremacy, the rebranding efforts set forth by Mack will in turn build the company’s impact across multiple platforms.

We look further into the new image announced and in sharing this, would like to thank Overdrive Magazine for sharing this news with us.

Mack Trucks: Born Ready

Mack Trucks this week announced a new branding strategy and an updated logo at the ConExpo/ConAgg construction convention in Las Vegas.  The logo, which Mack says is a key element to its rebranding efforts, has a sleeker, more modern look with the Mack bulldog above the word Mack.

A Mack Trucks spokesperson says the rebranding “sends a strong message about the” changes its making, particularly in the company’s research and development in the last several years that have led to products like the Mack mDrive automated manual transmission, the mRide spring suspension and the Mack GuardDog Connect.

“We believe the refresh of our brand embodies what we’ve stood for in the past and continue to stand for today. We’re confident and passionate about our trucks and our customers,” said Stephen Roy, Mack’s president of sales and marketing. “We have a great history, great momentum and the conviction that our best days are ahead of us. The brand work we’re rolling out here in Las Vegas clearly communicates the strong position Mack holds today.”

Mack’s Relationship with Volvo

(Via Commercial Carrier Journal) Commenting on Mack’s relationship with Volvo (which acquired Mack from Renault in 2000), Roy said that while the Volvo relationship is vital in terms of research and development and economies of scale, he noted that Mack customers expect a unique product and that Volvo understands the importance of that expectation. “We have unique differences between our brands today,” Roy said. “And there will be very distinct differences from the Volvo brand at Mack in the future.”

Mack Trucks Rebranding Includes Commitment to Going Green

As for the next round of MPG regulations proposed by the White House last week, Roy notes that Mack is already ahead of schedule on meeting pending Greenhouse Gas Regulations and doesn’t expect the new regulations to add any increased pressure on the company’s current technological efforts. “I can tell you that we are focusing already on proper vehicle spec’ing to make sure that our customers see the best MPG gains possible with the GHG regulations,” he added. “We need to make certain that if we have to pass technological and development costs along to our customers that they’re getting concrete benefits in return.”

In conclusion, Mack’s rebranding efforts have not gone unnoticed outside of the trucking community.  These efforts show that the company is committed to growth and development of the on-road community as a whole.

The new logo and efforts define the long term goals and ambitions of the company, and we look forward to providing updates to the brand’s success.

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