Selecting the “Write” Font For Your Brand Logo [INFOGRAPHIC]

Selecting the “Write” Font For Your Brand Logo [INFOGRAPHIC]

It can be easy to forget the importance of font when creating your company’s brand logo. How much can such a minor detail affect the end result? Well, quite a bit. When creating your brand’s logo, every detail counts – the font, the color scheme, any implementation of images and symbols. This one detail can completely change our perception of the image and, accordingly, the brand overall.

Take a look at Google’s old logo, one they only recently changed to the above. The font completely changes the logo.

Google New Logo Font

So your font decision, too, can completely change your company logo. Fortunately, MarketingProfs put together this extraordinarily helpful infographic on choosing fonts. See it below.

Font Infographic

Flaunt Your Font

Who knew fonts could be so complex? It’s important to understand the ins and outs of fonts before you finalize your logo, because it will set the overall tone for customers’ perception of your brand. So find a font that matches your brand personality to convey just who your business is.

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