Brands Go Back to School: Jell-O Enters University Sports Marketing

Brands Go Back to School: Jell-O Enters University Sports Marketing

Tired of seeing nothing more than beer, life insurance, and cars decorating the commercial blocks? New Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands may have the answer. Jell-O, a Kraft Foods brand and leader in gelatin desserts, is now tapping into the college market with radio advertisements and mascot-shaped Jell-O molds.

A [Jell-O] Shot in the Arm for Gelatin Sales

Part of a push by sponsorship sales brokers, the move to lure CPG brands to the university is an opportunity for the industry to tap into a previously unforeseen market, in which the foods category ranks 9th in university sponsorship.

Jell-O is expanding its college list in 2014 after seeing vast success last year thanks to deals with University of Michigan, University of Arkansas, University of Texas, and University of Florida in which the brand sold Jell-O molds shaped like mascots through local retailers and Ecommerce Platform Amazon. The 2013 marketing strategy was so successful, in fact that Amazon sold out of the 20,000 unit allotment—in less than a week with no additional paid advertising.

This agreement, brokered by IEG (a WPP-Owned Sponsorship, Research, and Consulting Firm) and Learfield Sports (major sponsorship broker representing 99 universities) will hopefully provide the Kraft Foods gelatin giant a shot in the arm after Jell-O saw slumping sales since July 2013.

In addition to the 2013 schools, Universities of Arkansas, Michigan, Texas, and Florida; the following 16 schools will receive their own mascot shaped Jell-O molds:

  • University of Alabama®
  • University of California- Los Angeles®
  • University of Southern California®
  • University of Georgia®
  • Florida State University®
  • University of Iowa®
  • Louisiana State University®
  • Michigan State University®
  • University of Missouri®
  • University of North Carolina®
  • University of Oklahoma®
  • The Ohio State University®
  • University of Oregon®
  • University of Tennessee®
  • Texas A&M University®
  • University of Wisconsin®

This deal will hopefully bode well for Jell-O, which looks to link the passion of fans with the brand through branded content on in-stadium video boards and social-media plugs on official university athletic Twitter and Facebook pages, according to IMG.

Jell-O University Mold Kits will be available at grocery stores, mass merchandisers and Amazon.com at a suggested retail price of $5.99. Also, please note that Jell-O does not advocate the popular collegiate modification—Jell-O Shots—for use, and does not promote recipes that use alcohol.

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