Is Your Packaging Hurting Your Brand?

Is Your Packaging Hurting Your Brand?

Product packaging has become more important as changes and challenges continue to reshape how businesses, consumers, and governments deal with sustainability and the shifting demands of ecommerce. Packaging must bridge the crucial connection between consumer trends, behaviors, and values and the innovative role companies must uphold in order to accurately interpret their markets’ unique needs. Packaging today needs to reflect the most forward-looking attitude of a circular society.

This year Nestle made an announcement that it plans to make 100 percent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. Stating that they believe, “plastic waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues the world faces and that there is a urgent need to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment.” They have therefore made this their ambition.

Interesting. Brands today understand that there is value in telling their company’s or product’s story, but now their packaging needs to as well. And sustainability is probably of course the hottest topic in the world of packaging today and in the near future for that matter. In fact it’s one of three main trends shaping packaging for 2019.

Trend 1 – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Companies understand that their packaging needs to steer clear of any negative impact on the environment. Marketers and designers now have a shared responsibility to create packaging that reflects a commitment to being ecofriendly.

Consumers are much more aware of the environmental implications of certain types of packaging and are looking for companies to redesign those elements that are detrimental to the earth. It’s also important for companies to set the record straight about many of the recent eco-claims floating around regarding, compostable, degradable, and biodegradable. While helpful in some respects, none of these are recyclable though.

What consumers can get interested in is reducing the amount of packaging used. Consumer preference for minimalism is growing yearly as surveys continue to show results for downsizing packaging as a top five result. Survey participants note not only environmental pressures, but also rising costs associated with materials, manufacturing and storage as to the importance for innovating packaging in terms of economies of scale.

Trend 2 – Enhance ecommerce Customer Experience

Hello Influencer Packaging. Brands are highly aware of the need to deliver shares and likes even with their packaging. Ecommerce has created a different shopping experience that involves rating not only the website the product is purchased from, but the packaging it is delivered in as well.

While online shopping relies on the product to drive the decision to buy, packaging has the opportunity to raise further interest once it is delivered and even become a marketing tool for the company. Experts indicate that personalized packaging in particular may be on the rise to enhance the ecommerce customer experience. It would have the potential to further stimulate other purchases through increased interaction and encourage additional customer sharing on social media. And if designed truly well, could also be used differently once the content is finished.

Trend 3 – Feeling Flexible

Flexible packaging continues to offer brands a way to customize their packaging that improves the customer experience over rigid pack formats. This segment continues to grow faster than any other packaging format due to its premium branding opportunities, functionality and sustainability. Companies with new products are looking for high-performance materials that improve shipping efficiency and meets customers’ growing packaging needs which now include: greater shelf appeal, easy storage, convenience, portability, product life extendibility, and minimal material usage. Not a short list at all.

These trends offer businesses a look at how to position packaging as a positive for their products and services. First and foremost though, companies need to be prepared to show their commitment to the environment through their packaging decisions. That being said, they also need their packaging to be convenient, interactive in some cases, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Modern Marketing Partners is ready to work with your brand to deliver the experience-driven packaging that your products need.

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