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  • Online Reviews

    Online Reviews: Meaningful or Worthless?

    By on November 20, 2019

    Throughout the years, online reviews have been up for question on if they are still meaningful to the consumer....

  • Cause Branding vs Cause Marketing

    Cause Branding vs. Cause Marketing

    By on November 15, 2019

    Cause branding might be considered synonymous with the cause marketing, but there are differences that will be identified below....

  • Brand Storytelling 101

    Brand Storytelling 101

    By on November 6, 2019

    Surely the fanciful term has crossed your path lately? If you are in the marketing industry, Brand Storytelling is...

  • Hotel Chains Add Brands to Boost Revenue

    Hotel Chains Add Brands to Boost Revenue

    By on August 13, 2019

    What are your thoughts on hotel chains creating new brands? As you do your research on hotels, you will...

  • Brand Building Reach New Heights

    Brand Building Tactics Reach New Heights!

    By on August 6, 2019

    So many luxury brands have taken the leap and started looking beyond traditional advertising. Brands are starting to make...

  • Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral

    Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

    By on January 15, 2019

    The 2019 Pantone color of year is Living Coral. For 20 years, Pantone has announced a color of the...

  • Branded Visuals

    Mobile Apps That Will Help You Create Branded Visuals

    By on April 19, 2018

    Consistency is always key in branding, but with the variety of platforms and formats you share your brand on,...

  • Fad Foods

    Fad Foods Create Brand Value

    By on June 5, 2017

    The Unicorn Frappucino created an Instagram frenzy when it came out in April. Now Taco Bell is gaining attention...

  • political brands

    Brands Get Political [Examples and Tips]

    By on March 28, 2017

    The American presidential election of 2016 prompted many citizens to become more politically active. Headlines of the election were...

  • Rebranding steps

    5 Critical Steps of Rebranding

    By on August 3, 2016

    Rebrands happen for all kinds of reasons: acquisition, reputation, or strategy shifts. In the long-run it could have a...