Breakthrough Branding: Brand Naming Tips and Trade Secrets

Naming a company, start-up, product or service is hard work, complex and often rife with mistakes. Billion dollar companies screw this up every year, while under-funded start-ups launch into the stratosphere with a name that seems brilliant and full of meaning, with little or no advertising.

Naming is very important, yet so often botched up. Despite the extreme amount of strategy and creativity required to develop an effective brand name, often everyone in the company feels compelled, and capable of contributing to name development.

Breakthrough Branding: Brand Naming Tips & Trade Secrets, a new book from IDeas BIG, will hopefully, give you an understanding and appreciation for this art and science of naming.

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1. Naming: The Most Important Marketing Decision

2. What’s Your Name Type?

3. Secret Sauce: The Naming Process

Case Study: Naming a Beer

4. Do-It-Yourself Names

Case Study: Naming Contests

5. Tips on Taglines

Case Study: Cookie Taglines

6. Trademark Registration

Generic Trademarks

7. The Domain Name Game

8. More Brand Naming Case Studies

Naming a Tech Start-Up

Naming a Non-Profit

Naming an Online Retailer

Naming a Pharmaceutical Company

Naming a Hand tool 

9. Best and Worst Brands and Names

The Interbrand Best Global Brands

Great Brand Names

Bad Brand Names

1o. Branding Beyond Naming


Visual Branding

11. Confessions of a Namer

Show Me the Money

12. Naming Resources