Case Studies

  • Google Alphabet Rebrand

    Google Alphabet Rebrand is a Relevant Case Study

    By on January 3, 2018

    It’s been almost three years since Google’s creation of parent company Alphabet took place, but it’s branding lessons linger...

  • 2017 Logo Trends

    7 Logo Trends for 2017

    By on August 25, 2017

    Last year, we presented 16 Logo Trends for 2016, all gathered from LogoLounge.  Over one year later, LogoLounge has...

  • Naming a new beer case study

    Beer Naming: Case Study

    By on March 26, 2014

    Following is an insiders view of the brand name development process for a new consumer brand—specifically a new, specialty...

  • Naming a Tech Startup

    Naming Tech Startups: Case Study

    By on January 25, 2014

    Certainly the brand naming of high profile social media networks, and tech startups garner media attention. Some names are...

  • 2013 Brand Ranking Report

    2013 Global Brand Ranking Report Available

    By on January 13, 2014

    A new report ranks top worldwide brands based on a compilation of some of the most popular and prestigious...

  • Rebranding American Airlines

    The New American: A Rebranding Case Study

    By on December 15, 2013

    Behind the successful merger between American Airlines and US Airways, was a successful rebranding program, with the two brands...

  • Renaming a Company Case Study

    Renaming An Existing Brand: Case Study – AfterMath Claim Science

    By on April 13, 2012

    IdeasBIG, the branding sister agency of Modern Marketing Partners, recently took on the challenge of renaming an existing brand.  This is...