2013 Global Brand Ranking Report Available

2013 Global Brand Ranking Report Available

A new report ranks top worldwide brands based on a compilation of some of the most popular and prestigious rankings. The 2013 Definitive Global Brand Ranking Report is available as a free download from IDeas BIG a brand consultancy.

The report is unique as it compiles rankings from the top global rankings including Forbes, Interbrand, Millward Brown and the Brandirectory. IDeas BIG staff identified that each of these reports had drastically different rankings, and there is value in creating a composite index of the rankings for a more definitive ranking that reduces bias from individual reports.

The 2013 Definitive Global Brand Ranking Report shares factors that effect brand valuation, a detailed list of the Top 10 Global Brands in 2013, followed by the next 90 brands. In addition, the report identifies the Top 10 Business-to-Business Brands of 2013, a perspective previously not reported. Click Here to Download the 2013 Global Brand Ranking Report from IDeas BIG

“There are many excellent brand rankings, but we believe that our 2013 Definitive Global Brand Ranking Report is the only unbiased source of top brand rankings available,” states Neil Brown, IDeas BIG Chief Branding Officer. “We look forward to publishing annual updates.”


About IDeas BIG
IDeas BIG (brand identity group) is a Chicago (Naperville) based branding consultancy that specializes in logos and visual identity, brand name development and branding strategy for global corporations and start-ups. IDeas BIG has been recognized with over 50 national awards for creative excellence and marketing effectiveness. For more information, contact IDeas BIG at 630.868.5061 or visit www.IDeasBIG.com.

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