2022 Brand Naming Tips

2022 Brand Naming Tips

Finding the right name for your new business can have significant impact to your success. The wrong name can do harm to your business; therefore, you need to create a name that is powerful and will stand out to the right audience.

Choosing a brand name is very challenging, but you know how important it is. The name will dictate your customers’ first impression of your brand. The brand name should be positive, catchy, and easy to spell. Below are 7 brand naming tips to help get you started:

1. Identify your core brand ideas

Write down your core brand ideas. What is your business about? What are the qualities of your brand? What products or services do you provide? Your brand name should be consistent with the tone, feel, and message of your brand.

2. Keep your name simple

You want your customers to be able to remember and pronounce your business name, encouraging their family and friends to look up your business. Creating brand awareness is hard, so make it easy with a simple name.

3. Keep your target audience in mind

From the start, your target audience should be on your mind. You want a brand name that your target audience will love and remember; therefore, tailor your brand name to your target audiences’ personality and desires.

4. Research existing brand names

It is okay to research other similar brands to get an idea. Look at their name, logo, and theme to see what you can do different to stand out.

5. Identify commonly searched terms

It is important to know the amount of traffic your brand name will draw online. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about increasing web traffic and making sure the right people will visit your site.

6. Check URL availability

Before settling for a name, make sure the right URL is available for your website, but also do not let a domain dictate your business name. There are many options out there.

7. Hire a branding agency

Coming up with a brand name can be difficult, that is why hiring a branding agency can help. Hiring a branding agency allows you to brainstorm with someone else, which allows you to share your goals, brand, and mission. For a free brand assessment by Ideas BIG, apply here.

Having a brand is not just about coming up with a name. It includes website, logo, colors, taglines, and even marketing. If these all align together, you will have a good brand strategy.

Breakthrough Branding: Brand Naming Tips and Trade Secrets

Naming is very important, yet so often botched up. Despite the extreme amount of strategy and creativity required to develop an effective brand name, often everyone in the company feels compelled, and capable of contributing to name development.

Breakthrough Branding: Brand Naming Tips & Trade Secretsa new book from IDeas BIG, will hopefully, give you an understanding and appreciation for this art and science of naming.

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