Weather Guard Van


WEATHER GUARD is a leading truck and construction storage equipment manufacturer that had been losing market share in the van segment. WEATHER GUARD sought to reverse this trend with a new and innovative line of van storage equipment, supported by a comprehensive new product launch and bold identity.


IDeas BIG developed a new product launch plan and implemented product photography, a 48-page catalog, advertising, and a lot of snappy branding! A media relations initiative and press conference leveraged the key industry trade show event (NTEA Work Truck Show). A dealer launch kit communicated product and training information to thousands of channel partners. Complete website and social media, including video, rounded out the program. WEATHER GUARD successfully repositioned its van business as an innovative leader. Media relations achieved recognition as the Best New Product of 2012 at the Work Truck Show. Channel partners heaped praise on the new product line.

Bottom line: sales increased by double-digits!